Logos and icons can also be made into handy fonts!
Linotype Indus, perhaps the only internationally available Roman typeface from India.
The story behind e Mangalam's exclusive headline typeface.
Mathrubhumi's typefaces given a contemporary flavour.
Meet Indulekha, Ravivarma and Ambili who had given Malayalam typography a new lease of life.

Starting off with Chihnangal, the defacto symbol and clipart set for Kerala designed for C-DAC Gist, we have designed quite a few symbol fonts.
Elephants captures the pachyderm in many moods and actions in silhouette, while Kalari freezes many postures of the fabled martial art from of Kerala and yogic postures are best summarised in Yoga. All as easy-to-use and light-on-hard-disk fonts.
But the most ambitious is Warli, which distills the artform of rural Maharshtra in a set of three fonts which can be usde to create your own Warli paintings digitally. Click here to see a sample painting composed in it.