Bipha Pharmaceuticals' Kerala Ayurveda range meant for export market using glass and wood.
D C Books' Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CDROM Enclyclopedia had a unique packaging system, using mostly Malayalam.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
A new trendy packaging for Malabar Spices relaunches the brand in the Middle-East.
The colourful packaging for Transmed Systems' Wisper software.

Products need packaging to be different in an already crowded marketplace.
We have helped design a few packaging concepts for companies as diverse as Ayurvedic Pharmacies to Software Products.
From cartons to labels, pouches and caps, we cater for the entire spectrum of packaging needs. We can also arrange for printing if required.
We also develop bottle and cap designs as well as promotional materials making our packaging design service complete in all respects.