Philips Award 1992 for a poster on Human aspects of future communications.
This entry won the first prize in India worth Rs. 1 lakh.
Linotype Typeface Development Prize
for 'Indus' in the first Linotype-Hell International Digital Type Design Contest 1994.
CHIP Multimedia Award for 2000 for
D C Books Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CD-ROM Encyclopedia

Hashim P M
B.Tech (Computer Science)
M. Des (Visual Communication, IDC, IIT Bombay)


Design Difference takes pride in being a small and intimate design studio based in Kerala. Information design is our forte and every project is a challenge for us, where while to trying to solve the design problem, we also love to experiment, daring to tread into uncharted territories while broadening our knowledge horizons.
Long before we had decided to stay out of the rat race, not to outbid others and not to calculate our turnover based on billing. Our primary criteria in taking up a project is the satisfaction we and our client derive out of it. We have a few regular clients with whom we love to work with and every day new clients approach us seeking our expertise. Once in a while, when we feel there is a dire need to improve some aspect, we do send proposals.