How did Deepika get to have the finest Malayalam headline typeface?
Mathrubhumi's typefaces given a contemporary flavour.
Thumba, the Frutiger of Malayalam designed for D C Books.

Indus took its birth during IDC Design Degree Show 1993 when the onus of designing a typeface for the logo was bestowed on me. Though the germ of the idea of designing Roman typeface based on the still-undeciphered Indus Valley inscriptions and Cuneiform was in my mind for long, the first few letters were designed at IDC. The complete set emerged when I decided to send it for Linotype's First International Type Design contest in 1994. It won the development prize and Linotype distributes it worldwide as a part of their TakeType collection (and paying royalties on its sales ever since!). (See Linotype Site)
Quirky in nature, the typeface has an inscribed feel to it with a few very distinct forms which have not been seen before. Indus is one of the very few (if not the only) Roman typeface designed in India, inspired by India.
Hashim P M