WoodHouse Veneer Door Panels open the doors to a new interior design trend.
Maaya, our joint venture with Pai&Co brings out the first branded range of Souvenirs in Kerala.
ReO T-Shirts make a splash in the T-shirt market with our graphics and packaging.
We develop 100+ concepts for Kerala Tourism Souvenirs in association with GITC for Govt. of Kerala.
Innovative Souvenirs with Coir, the golden fibre of Kerala for Coirfed.

Design Difference offers consultancy services in developing products from scratch or from any stage to the market. We can give you the necessary inputs to take a concept to its product form. Wood Veneer Door Panels, Tourism Souvenirs, T-Shirts... the list is almost endless. From naming, branding, designing, packing and promoting them, we offer the full range of services.
WoodHouse Veneer Door Panels Maaya: Souvenirs of Kerala Souvenirs with Coir for Coirfed
Reo T-Shirts Kerala Tourism Souvenirs  
Or if you have a million dollar idea that needs to be detailed out to perfection, get in touch, pronto.