The new Identity design for CDD Society, Bangalore is simple, compact and easily reproducible.
Calendar designs for CDD Society spread their message, though subtly.
Website design for CDD Society, is simple, elegant and easy to navigate.
A simple three-fold Brochure designed for CDD Society.

Designing Annual Reports and Project Reports require considerable skills. Designing the cover, contents page, general pages, index, bibliography, charts, graphs and photographs require attention to detail. The design needs to adhere to the house style strictly. And to get them printed in small volumes in high quality is another task in itself.
We have designed and printed a few reports for CDD Society Bangalore including ASA North-South Report, Case Study and an Operations & Maintenance Manual for their DEWATS installations. Spread over many pages and interspersed with charts, graphs and photographs these reports are marked by their sobriety.
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