Trend-setting Menu Card designs for Bharat Hotel and BTH Sarovaram, Ernakulam.
The Academic handbook of KMCT School of Business (KSB), Kozhikode makes a subtle, yet strong statement.
Limited edition Design Difference New Year Greeting Cards have been a collectors' item for long. See them all here.
We give Marriage Invitation Cards a makeover.
We raise the benchmark for Real Estate Project Brochures.  

Calendars are often a useful promotional material freely distributed by companies and firms interested in advertising their services subtly. They can also be a work of art which can be sold for a price.
Maaya Kerala Calendars had rich illustrations or vivid photographs and were sold commercially. Among Complimentary Calendars we have designed Wallet Calendars for Bharat Hotel and BTH Sarovaram, Environmental Day Calendar-cum-Greeting Cards for Inspiration, Jewelry Promotional Calendar for Maya and two Self-Promotional Calendars for CDD.
Click on each calendar to see more details.
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