Bipha Pharmaceuticals' Kerala Ayurveda range meant for export market using glass and wood.
D C Books' Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CDROM Enclyclopedia had a unique packaging system, using mostly Malayalam.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
Trident Plastics' Gas Trolley needed an economical two-colour packaging design.
Generic label
design for Vaidyaratnaprabha Pharmacy's Ayurvedic products.

Transmed Systems developed Worldwide Information System for Pharmacovigilance Event Reporting (WISPER) which needed a package design that has a distict international acceptance.
We developed colourful graphics for the packaging and the splash screen depicting the medical cross in various colours stacked up like records against a vignette background of red and blue symbolising good and bad blood.