Brochure designs
for Bipha Drug Laboratories.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
D C Books' Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CDROM Enclyclopedia had a unique packaging system, using mostly Malayalam.
The colourful packaging for Transmed Systems' Wisper software.
Generic label
design for Vaidyaratnaprabha Pharmacy's Ayurvedic products.

Bipha Kerala Ayurveda was a brand we developed for Bipha Drug Laboratories to market their Ayurvedic products in Europe. Using Glass and Wood, the bottles had an old-world charm to them. Use of screwpine mat design as the background texture made the packaging more natural.
Oils, Creams, Powders, Kashayams, Lehyams were packed in these. We also developed wrappers for Throat Lozenges and a Gift Pack for Ayurvedic Soaps.
Later the theme was extended for the local market under the brand name Aatma.