Invitation design
for Maya Jewelry
Calendar design
for Maya Jewelry
Poster design
for Maya Jewelry
Corporate Visual Identity Stylebook for KaliSRP Technologies, Chennai.
Streamlining identity for Manapuram Hotel, Thrissur

Maya, an Indian Jewellery Store in USA, wanted a distinct Indian identity to cater to their predominantly Indian clientele while projecting an international flavour.
The logotype is a curious mix of Roman and Italic type styles of the same typeface. The tail of the letter Y being similar to the spur of the paisley— a distinctive Indian motif—suited the logo well. Indian and American flag colours were mixed to give an Orange and Blue colour scheme on an off-white background. The use of paisley was extended as a pattern to be used on the reverse of all stationery. Old style numerals of the text typeface gives the whole typography a distinct old world charm.
This is one of our favourite identity designs to date.