Trend-seting Menu Card designs for Bharat Hotel and BTH Sarovaram, Ernakulam.
Wedding Invitation Designs
Poster designs for Kumbham.
Limited edition Design Difference New Year Greeting Cards have been a collectors' item for long. See them all here.
Glass Award Sculpture for Current Books Golden Jubilee Award.  

For us Brochure Design is another opportunity to enlighten, experiment and explore.
Whenever we take up a brochure design project, we study the client, the project and develop a visual style suitable for that particular project. We arrange for the copy, photographs, illustrations, graphs, charts etc. in that particular style. The typography and layout also will be as per this style, and we ensure highest quality processing and printing, so that the end result makes a definite impact.
From single page leaflet to 60-page booklets, we have done all kinds of brochures.
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