Cocoacraft Cocoa Packing Package design for Cocoacraft Cocoa Powder continues the design we had developed for their Chocolate range.
Cocoacraft Website Take a look at the website we had designed for Cocoacraft Chocolates.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
Trident Plastics' Gas Trolley needed an economical two-colour packaging design.
Generic label
design for Vaidyaratnaprabha Pharmacy's Ayurvedic products.

Home-made Chocolates make excellent gifts. Kochi-based Kuruvilla & Sons decision to foray into this niche market with Cocoacraft required an elegant packaging to suit their tasty treats. Made using natural ingredients sourced locally, these have all the natural goodness of cocoa without any transfat or artificial additives.
The two-colour design uses Gold and Chocolate brown, with a soft image of cocoa pods to highlight the use of natural cocoa. Later when a coconut variant was introduced, the Chocolate Brown was changed to Dark Green.
Also checkout the packaging of their Rich Dark Cocoa Powder.
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