Identity design for Lumiere Restaurant and EcoShop, Panampilly Nagar, Cochin.
Menu Cards designed for SeaGrill Restaurant is marked by evaocative photography.
Take a look at Lumiere News, a tabloid on Fish Mela they organised in April 2008.
Lumiere's Website has been designed to be informative, elegant and in tune with their philosophy.
Brochures designed for Lumiere convey their messages in a consistent, non-preachy manner.  

Lumiere Organic Restaurant, Panampilly Nagar, Cochin sports thatched roof and bamboo poles and needed a matching signage reflecting their nature-friendliness. The coarse fabric pattern and bamboo graphics used in the signage adds to the charm of the place despite being printed on vinyl and flex materials.
We had also designed a series of poster for them exalting the goodness of fish organic food, wheat grass and fish. Some posters for their farms were also designed to promote them. Later when the top floor was made into an exclusive Seafood Restuarant, we gave them an underwater feeling with inside-lit windws showing marine life creating a curiosity in passersby.