The genesis of Care[O]Card identity explained in detail.
The Academic handbook of KMCT School of Business (KSB), Kozhikode makes a subtle, yet strong statement.
The many brochures we designed for the 14th International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International held in Cochin.
Two colour brochure designs can be economical and effective too.
A butterfly flits through he corporate brochure for Bipha Pharmaceuticals.  

The brochure for Care[O]Card had to have a sense of mystery, as the product was innovative and people would be curious to know what it can do for them.
We developed a four-fold brochure for them in black which has one opening giving a glimpse of the product and another full opening which gives details of alls services on offer, this in white. The zooming spirals, use of a hand as a metaphor and round edged images give the brochure an added dimension. The colours and typefaces used are in continuation with the identity we had developed for the client.
Click on the first fold to see the insides.
Later we also developed a directory for them listing their many partners.
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