Brochure design for Maaya Souvenirs of Kerala.
Poster design for Maaya Souvenirs of Kerala.
Innovative Souvenirs with Coir, the golden fibre of Kerala for Coirfed.
ReO T-Shirts make a splash in the T-shirt market with our graphics and packaging.
We develop 100+ concepts for Kerala Tourism Souvenirs in association with GITC for Govt. of Kerala.

We had been planning to design and develop Tourism Souvenirs for Kerala for a long time, but for the want of a suitable business partner. In 2000, Pai&Co, Ernakulam offered to co-produce and market them.
Christened Maaya: Souvenirs of Kerala, the range has paper stationery products leveraging on Paico's printing facilities, Ceramic cups, plates and tiles as well as T-shirts and caps as an initial offering. The booming tourism industry lapped it up making it a quick success. We added more products over the years making the product range a well-rounded one.