The new identity for Malabar Spices gives a cursive energy to the brand.
D C Books' Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CDROM Enclyclopedia had a unique packaging system, using mostly Malayalam.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
Trident Plastics' Gas Trolley needed an economical two-colour packaging design.
Generic label
design for Vaidyaratnaprabha Pharmacy's Ayurvedic products.

100g and 400g cartons were designed for a few fast moving products. Additionally a 25kg aerated carton was designed for Jumbo size Nutmegs.
Two-colour master cartons of these packs have also been designed taking into consideration the economics of such printing.
More products are pack sizes are being planned to make Malabar a full-fledged consumer product line.