The new identity for Malabar Spices gives a cursive energy to the brand.
D C Books' Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CDROM Enclyclopedia had a unique packaging system, using mostly Malayalam.
Packaging design for NeST Electronics' VoiceSentinel telephone tapping prevention device.
Trident Plastics' Gas Trolley needed an economical two-colour packaging design.
Generic label
design for Vaidyaratnaprabha Pharmacy's Ayurvedic products.

Packaging design for Malabar Spices were colour-coded: Green for Whole Spices, Yellow for Spice Powders and Orange for Masala mixes. Using white containers and background, the spices hog the limelight. The assymetric layout and clear modern typography gives the packaging a contemporary flair.
Polypouches and cartons for about 40 products are being redesigned on these lines.