Book Cover designs for D C Books.
Website design
for D C Group.
Invitation design for
D C Books Silver Jubilee Function.
Design for D C Books Akhilavijnanakosam Malayalam CD-ROM Encyclopedia.
Design of Current Books Golden Jubilee Award Sculpture and Certificate.

Redesign of the Corporate Visual Identity of D C Group of Companies have been one of our most accomplished effort. The group which comprised of several companies was badly in need of brand streamlining to project a coherent image.
We did exactly that, bringing all disparate visual elements into one fora, dropping a few, adding a few and making logic out of the confusion and bringing all companies under one umbrella.
In all 13 companies were tied together with this scheme, defining each one's logo, stationery and all other peculiar requirements, and putting them all down in a stylebook aptly titled The D C Book of Style.